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Bobby E. Erickson.

Who am I?   

I'm a Actor, VO Talent, Author, Screenwriter, Producer and Director that holds a leadership role in Corporate America.   As a happily married Christian, and a father to 2 great kids, I primarily work on Family-friendly and Faith-based projects; avoiding nudity, simulated intimacy, or excessive language.  


That said, I appreciate well thought out plot twists, and psychological character arcs.  Other genres of interests are:  Sci-fi, action, comedy, fantasy, horror, and thrillers.  I'm also involved in voice work for film, commercial, gaming, and animation.  In 2017, I founded "Faith In Family Films, LLC" to help encourage film actors, and to develop more family-friendly film projects


For contact information, and my resume of work, please feel free to visit my IMDb webpage (link below).


My best to you...

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